March 06, 2007

UPDATE ON Acadian/Mi'kmaq Festival

Ellen Hunt - Mar 5, 2007 View Viewers

Hi Everyone, I have received emails from people who are interested in this reunion. I will make plans to have it in Lahave during the festival. The date is not set yet, because I have to meet with the Lunenburg County Historicial Society who sponsors this festival, but I have asked for August 18 & 19th. Lahave is about 45 minutes from Mahone Bay if you drive to Bridgewater and follow the highway to Lahave. If you join the Lahave Ferry, it would take about 25 minutes. From Lunenburg by way of Lahave ferry, it takes me 20 minutes. The ferry crosses the river every 15 minutes, but on special days during an event , it crosses often. It holds about 16 vehicles. There are Risser's Campground and others in the area. The Mi'kmaq/Acadian Burial Ground in Petite Riviere is about 10-15 minutes away. We will tour this burial ground as part of the agenda. What other things would you like to do while you are here? I was thinking maybe: The Mi'kmkaq Burial Ground Research and Restoration Association plan to erect a panel at the burial ground this year. It depends on funding. Maybe we could help pay for the panel and it would be from all the descendents of the Lahave/Bras dor Indians. Its our ancestors who are buried there. Then we could have a special ceremony. This would be our mark. Go on a boat ride to the Lahave Islands. Have a picnic Story telling time Talking Circles Sharing of culture A reenactment Genealogy Dig clams Weiner roast on the beach near the burial ground Acadian and Mikmaq entertainment at the festival Beach walks - mussel boils. any other suggestions. Please get them out to me before the meeting which will be sometime soon, so I can bring them forward. thanks ellen I will post links for accommodations.'

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