March 04, 2007


Acadian/Mi'kmaq Festival
Ellen Hunt - Mar 2, 2007 View Viewers

Hi Everyone,

It looks like most of our ancestors first lived in Lahave. We will be celebrating the fourth Acadian/Mi'kmaq festival sometime in August. It is usually the weekend closest to August 15th. This year we will have the grand opening of the First Mi'kmaq Village on the grounds and also the opening of the reconstructed Maria de Grace Fort.

Plans for the festival are just in the planning stages. I am one of th co-ordinators for the Village and the festival. Would anyone be interested in a reunion of the Lahave and Bras'dor Indian descendents.? In this area is Petite Riviere, where Germain LeJeune lived. Also the Mi'kmaq/Acadian burial ground which dates back to at least early 1500's. Maria de Grace Fort is where the french lived in 1600's and traded with the Mi'kmaq. Sourquois, stated in the "History of Lunenburg County" by Mathis Desbrisay means "Salt Water Indians". There are lots of history in this area . You could walk in the foot steps of our ancestors. I lives close to Lahave and visit it quite often.

Please let me know if you are interested and I can set the plans in motion.


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