April 17, 2011


From Lawrence Earlo LaBauve Jr. via Facebook:

Gilbert LaBauve. Found this online thought it might be your family.---“[?] County, Texas, [?] juillet, 1889.” Joseph Gilbert LaBauve to “Mr. RaphaĆ«l Hebert, Ouest B. Rouge.” The letter – badly damaged and housed in the oversize folder – reads in translation:

“My dear uncle, I would tell you that I am a little ashamed to take up the plume today to write you. Only because I would have had to do it a long time ago, [?] to do it, but you knew the news [was?] the same thing. Thus, today I write from Texas. We arrived about three hours ago at the inn from which I write you. Our trip was one of the happiest. It is now four days since we left the lake. We arrived yesterday morning at Galveston, and we left again at 4:00 in the afternoon. Our expenses up to here have climbed to $225.00. We had a bad time leaving Galveston for here. I saw waves – real waves – of the sea. Mama, Josephine, and [?] all had seasickness, but I knew how to come out of it like an old sailor. You [?] our relatives and friends this news. All of the [?] family are wonderful and charge me with sending their regards to you. Embrace all my cousins for me [?]. Your devoted nephew, Jos. Gilbert LaBauve”

Yes! Gilbert LaBauve is my Great-Grandfather!   Thanks so much!

April 14, 2011


Family Tree DNA is running a 1 day special rates on genealogic DNA sampling. Here is the link to the promotion if anyone is interested in DNA.


April 13, 2011


Date: Saturday April 16, 2011

Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Location: Westwego Library, 635 4th Street, Westwego, LA

Notes: We will have Albert Robichaux for our guest this month. He will conduct a Q&A session for us. He will not give a presentation, but will be there for some brainpicking concerning the German-Acadian Coast and Louisiana Sicilians. Come prepared with your questions!

Thanks to Judy Mills for convincing him!

Please notice the change of venue. Once again we had to change plans due to library rescheduling. We will be at the WESTWEGO library.