November 26, 2006


"We are descendants of numerous French-Indians marriages which took place during the early colonization by the French of what today is known as Nova Scotia but in the past was known as Mi'kma'ki to the Mi'kmaq and Acadia to the French."Many of our Mi'kmaq ancestors are known through existing records, but other lines although long suspected have lacked supporting documentation."With advances in DNA testing and the identification of Native American MtDNA Haplogroups, we are now able to prove those lines by testing male/females who trace their maternal lines back to one of these suspected early Mi'kmaq mothers.."

Research by Erich BurtonAmerindian family website:

DNA testing shows that Louis Noel de LaBauve's wife, Marie Rimbault, was a Mi'kma'ki Inidian.

Flag found at:

November 22, 2006


Does anyone know where Dominique and Marcelite Hebert LaBauve are buried?
I have photos of some of the graves in the Brusly Cemetery on my website:
Go to and type "graves" in the "Search My Site" box.
Go Gators! Cousin Lynn

November 21, 2006


Here's my new LaBauve and Breaux Family blog.