March 14, 2007


I'm interested in finding out what the origins of LaBauve DNA might reveal as to the origins of Louis Noel Labauve.

Was he a Mi'kmaq, was he European?.

One of the more common names in the early Mi'kmaq-Maliseet records is the name Labauve and it's many variations.

As Mario recently posted, the names LaBarre and LaBauve seem to be the same name as well.

One way to solve part of the mystery around the origins of this family, is to have a LaBauve male take a Y-Chromosome DNA test.

The Y-Chromosome DNA test can only be taken by a male and costs about $99 US.



Lynn said...

Hi, Erich,
Louis Noel LaBauve was a European (from France) who immigrated to Acadia (Nova Scotia).....I will check for the date.

It's interesting that LaBarre and LaBauve migh be the same name. What do we know about the surname LaBarre's history?

Lynn said...

386. Louis Noel Labauve was born in 1659 in , , , France.

Louis Noel LaBauve married Jeanne Marie Rimbault in 1678 in Grand Pre, Acadie, Nova Scotia, Canada. Jeanne was born in 1661 in Port Royal, Acadie, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Verna Baker said...

Louis Noel Labauve frenchman, was married to Marie Jeanne Rimbault.Her mother was listed as a " half breed" metisse tribe. Anne Marie married to Rene' Rimbault.
I found this on the Lucie Leblanc web site.

Tanya said...

Hi my grandfather was Felix LaBauve decendent of Louis Noel. I'm Tanya LaBauve, my brother and I were born in Lake Charles, LA. ((:

Raiechilla said...


My grandfather was Felix LaBauve. He lived in Lake Charles, LA most of his life. He married Laura Barbee. His parents were Ozema and Emma (Bouley) LaBauve.