February 14, 2011




Lafayette, LA. Louisiana-Acadie calls on all Acadians to attend Grand-Réveil Acadien/ Great Acadian Awakening (GRA). Grand-Réveil Acadien will be held October 7 through 16, 2011 in four Acadiana regions. Houma, Lafayette, Lake Charles and New Orleans will hostforums, events and celebrations that will close with a spectacular renewal of pride at Festivals Acadien et Creole in Girard Park, Lafayette, LA.

The GRA event has been organized to revitalize Louisianans of Acadian descent and in particular our youth, to the realization that Acadians are losing their French language, culture and coastal lands. GRA is a means of seeking support, partnerships, solutions and concerted plans of action to revitalize all aspects of our culture, including the environment that nurtures and forms a large part of our existence.

The mission of Louisiana-Acadie, Inc., Grand Réveil organizer, is to mobilize all Acadians to participate in the continued expression of their native French language and culture.

After engaging a group of young adult Cajuns (Les Juennesse Acadien) to prepare and participate in promoting the Cajuns of Louisiana for the World Congress of Acadians in 2009, an awakening of their heritage was visibly evident. "The spirited Acadians of the Acadian Peninsula of New Brunswick and the Canadian Juenesse Acadien program was part of what sparked a renaissance and awakening of our younger generation's pride and interest in upholding their Acadian ancestor's native Frenchlanguage and culture." stated Ray Trahan, Louisiana-Acadie President.

Trahan went on to say, "In order to maintain the rich Cajun heritage, it is now time to take advantage of this renewal."

"It is time to capitalize on the older Cajun generation's knowledge.

"The importance of keeping this momentum cannot be lost. We ask that those of Acadian descent join us, in Louisiana, to continue the fight to keep this culture alive.

"Vive Acadie!"

February 12, 2011


This delicious meal is designed to be made ahead of time. Everything may be prepared early in the day, and baked or assembled at dinner time. The meal is designed for 2 people, but the recipes can easily be doubled or tripled for 4 or 6 if you have guests.


Shrimp & Roasted Red Potato Salad
Three-Pepper Lamb Chops
Bacon Mashed Potatoes
Buttery Minted Peas
Angel Food Cake with Warm Raspberry Chocolate Sauce

An Elegant Cajun Valentine
A Loving Menu
By Terri Wuerthner, About.com Contributing Writer