July 13, 2010


First Gathering of the Mi'kmaq-Acadian (Métis) People of Louisiana
At the Acadian Memorial behind the Catholic Church near the Evangeline Oak which is ground zero for Acadians.
On July 28th, 2010, a date decreed by the order of Queen Elizabeth of England to memorialize the Deportation and heritage of the Acadian People, we will gather for the first time to honor our French- Acadian and Mi'kmaq heritage and our cultural experience as a Métis (Mixed European-Native American) people, at the St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in St. Martinsville, Louisiana.
The event, which celebrates the contributions of "Living Legend" and Traditional Cajun Heritage Musician Bernie David to his history and culture, will feature a traditional Mi'kmaq Honor Ceremony at the Acadian Cross. In celebration of his Métis heritage, Bernie David will wear the traditional sash of the Association des Acadiens Métis Souriquois of Nova Scotia, as the AAMS' first Louisiana member.
Invited special guests include: Leland Surette (Mi'kmaq-Métis) Aboriginal Spiritual Leader, Nova Scotia, Keeper of the Sacred Pipe; Dr. Raymond Lussier (Abenaki, Vermont), Tribal Judge of the Koasek Traditional Band; Amerindian DNA-specialist and author Marie Rundquist (A'tugwet Mui'n), Maryland-Cajun and member, Associations des Acadiens Métis Souriquois (AAMS), and the Métis of Maine. Marie's 12th-generation grandmother, Anne Marie, a Mi'kmaq woman of Chief Membertou's Village of 17th-century Nova Scotia continues to re-unite her family, tragically separated by the Grand Deportation in 1755, as she has cousins Bernie and Marie, and her spirit is
with us today.
Celebrate this historic event with your Métis cousins, who hail from the finest families of Louisiana: the Doucettes (and Doucets), the Heberts, the Rimbaults, the Gauterots, the Oubres (and Hoovers), the Gosselins, the Gaschet de Lisles, the Dennelles, the Broussards, the Richards, the Lejeunes, the Youngs, the Theriots, the Trahans, the Lamberts, and the Davids.

RSVP: Call (do not text) Bernie David (Etlintoq Mui'n) for further
information: Phone: (985) 515-0579.


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