July 03, 2010


The exhibition Katrina + 5: Documenting Disaster is a reminder of the history made since August 29, 2005, and The Collection’s ongoing efforts to record it.
May 12–September 12, 2010
Williams Gallery, 533 Royal Street

"In the timeline of history, half a decade constitutes not even the blink of an eye, but for many residents of the Gulf Coast affected by Hurricane Katrina, the past five years have seemed like a lifetime. Yet time has moved on. Five years after the storm, recovery efforts have produced a mixed bag of results across our region."



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I lived on Royal Street for a time. My wife(she's Creole) and I relocated from New Orleans to Omaha, where there is now an exhibition at one of the museums here that inlcudes some Katrina testimonials. I thought I was pretty much over it but when I saw this exhibit and heard the people's voices I almost started crying.

The last place we lived was in Lakeview. When we visited last year I saw the library was still closed (as well as the supermarkets).

I lined to your blog from Amy Welborn. I've been attracted to St. Michael the last few years too.

Lynn said...

Thank you for your comment! Katrina must have been a terrible event for the people living in that area. I think it is good that we remember, in the hope of
trying to prevent such devastation
in the future. May St. Michael defend us.