May 25, 2010


Historic site reveals more valuable artifacts to archeologists


Mon. May 24 - 4:53 AMHistory is being unearthed at the Grand Pre National Historic Site at an unprecedented rate.
The latest phase of a decade-long archeological dig at the Acadian village came to a close on Saturday amid an atmosphere of optimism and enthusiasm.

"For us, this is an outdoor classroom," said Jonathon Fowler, professor of archeology at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

He has been leading a team of 14 undergraduate students in the latest phase of the dig, which got underway on May 3.

The continuing work is the result of a partnership between Saint Mary’s, Parks Canada and the Societe Promotion Grand-Pre.

"We’ve found lots of things," Fowler said.

Some artifacts unearthed so far, besides the rock walls and foundations, include fragments of pottery, handmade nails, a glass wine bottle, window pane glass, coins, spoons, belt buckles, buttons and clay pipes.

"We’re finding things that are durable, and some of these objects are very datable," Fowler said.

In 1755, the site was the centre of an Acadian village. It is thought that the original parish church stood there. It has long been a site of national significance.

photo:  The Memorial Church in Grand Pre

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