May 29, 2010


From Gilbert LaBauve's Journal  1915

It was this 8th day of the present month that the battle of New Orleans,101 years ago, was fought. My father would often speak to me of the streunous time, of those days; how the Tennesseeans and Kentuckeans would drift down the Mississippi River, in flat boats roofed over, and dance on the roof of the boats as they floated down the river, as they were going down the river towards N. Orleans, in anticipation of trouble from the British who were ammassing forces around Pensacola and vicinity of New Orleans.

Finally the call was made for men, and a company was organized in No. Baton Rouge and adjoining parishes and, the men flocked to the American Standard, no one holding back.
My grandfather, Isidor Labauve was at the battle of New Orleans on the 8th of January 1915

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