November 02, 2016


The mission of the AcadianMemorial Foundation is to support the Acadian Memorial - thanks for your past generositywith that mission.

 This is just a reminderthat if you haven’t yet made a reservation for the upcoming L'Ordre du Bon Temps Louisiane-2016 fundraisingGumbo on November 10th please consider doing so soon.   A copy of the invitation is attached - and -we've just added a Silent Auction which will open at 6:00 p.m.

 Fundraisers become even more important when theunexpected happens like the horrific flood this past August.   The Bayou rose and deposited 1-1/2 feetof  mud in the Acadian Memorial and theMuseum of the Acadian Memorial next door. The Memorial suffered damage to the Mural that Robert Dafford has lookedat and will address soon, but the Museum fared worse as its sheet rock wallsand carpet will have to be replaced.  Both buildings are closed until January 2017.
Thanks for your consideration of the Gumbo event!

PattyGuteKunst, President
AcadianMemorial Foundation, Inc.

Our Mission

The AcadianMemorial honors the 3,000 Acadian men, women and children who found refuge inLouisiana after British forces exiled them from their homeland on Canada'seastern coast in the mid-18th century. The mission of the Acadian Memorial Foundation, Inc., is to lend financial support and guidance to the AcadianMemorial.  The Foundation raises fundsfor the Memorial through the Boutique, Friends of the Foundation and L'Ordre duBon Temps Louisiane.

Acadian Memorial

121 S New Market St.
P.O. Box 379
St. Martinville, LA 70582
(337)394-2260 fax

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