July 10, 2016


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Day of Remembrance
Thursday, July 28 –
In Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 28, 1755 British
Governor John Lawrence signed the deportation
order setting in motion Le Grand Derangement.
“From 1755 to 1763 it is estimated by historians
that 7,000 – half of the entire ethnic population of
the Acadians – perished during their diaspora from
disease, starvation, and neglect, as well as from
violence by the British.”
Though the efforts of attorney Warren
Perrin, “In 2003, Queen Elizabeth II signed the
Royal Proclamation decreeing that every July 28th
the world should pause to remember the suffering
of the Acadians during the Acadian exile.” By
symbolically declaring an end to the Acadian
exile, the Royal Proclamation stated: ‘...we
acknowledge these historical facts and the trials
and sufferings experienced by the Acadian people
during the Great Upheaval.’”
On Thursday, July 28 let us take a
moment to remember how fortunate we are to
have survived as a people!

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