December 06, 2012


On May 8, 2001 in Montreal, Attorney Warren Perrin of Lafayette, Louisiana
read a petition requesting an apology from the "Brittish Government
and Crown" for the deportation of the Acadians.

Perrin believed up until recently that Governor Charles Lawrence of Nova Scotia
was responsible for the deportation.  Kent has done research that has changed the
thinking and shifted the blame for the deportation.

First - The Winslow Journal informs Acadians on September 5, 1755 that
deportation is the Kings final resolution.

General Edward Braddock's personal papers stated that plans were in progress
to enslave the Acadians..this statement was made almost a year before the deportation.

A letter from England to Lawrence told him to plan the deportation very carefully
and the only alternative was deportation to the other thirteen British-American
Colonies because sending Acadians to Canada would only reinforce the enemy.

The idea was to settle them in small groups in the 13 colonies so that they would
disappear as a people.."genocide". 

Paradis would like to see a scholarship fund created for the Acadian Youth to
attend a French University of their choice anywhere in the world.

Bio on Warren Perrin with links to copies of the petition

Article written by Rosella Melancon about the petition
published in the New Brunswick Paper June 2001

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