July 01, 2012


Grand Pre National Historic Site in Nova Scotia is now Canada’s 16th world heritage location after being recognized by the United Nations' scientific and cultural agency.

The federal government said Saturday that UNESCO declared Grand Pre a world heritage site because of its “exceptional” cultural characteristics that are important for present and future generations.

“This worldwide recognition states that the landscape of Grand Pre is a cultural place of outstanding universal value,” Environment and Parks Canada Minister Peter Kent said in a statement.

In the 17th century, the area was settled by French colonists, later known as Acadians.

“For us, I think it’s a new step, a new beginning for the Acadian population, and we’re certainly proud of that,” Rene Legere, president of the National Acadian Society, told CTV Atlantic.

Local residents worked with First Nations and Acadian groups to get Grand Pre recognized as a heritage site.

The co-chair of that committee, Peter Herbin, carried on the work of his grandfather.

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