April 02, 2010


The Traditional Cajun Music Radio Network   


Cajun music lives. The Cajun culture is alive and well, not only in the local Louisiana area but also through the countless displaced Cajun descendants scattered around the world.

Come join us in celebrating the Cajun culture in it most exciting form -- the music of Cajun country. The Cajun Music Radio Social Network welcomes you to come on in. Listen to streaming traditional Cajun music and view special video events. Get the latest news from the area. Find out where the best bands are playing. Start your own fan club for your favorite artist. Open a discussion about Cajun music, food, festivals and more!

It's no Accident that we launch this site on Mardi Gras day, February 24, 2009! Y'all come on in.

Allen Menard

Director of Root Music Promotion

Louisiana Music Radio Network

Plays Tracks Like

Blackie Forestier - Here I Am Drunk Again - Cajun Favorites

Charivari - The Monkey & the Fiddle - A Trip to the Holiday Lounge

Chuck Guillory - Chere Bassette - Grand Texas

Jamie Bergeron - Nonc Adam - Walking Away

Milton Adams - Midnight Playboy Special - Steppin' Fast

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