February 03, 2010


The Acadian Memorial Festival, a museum style celebration of the

Acadians who settled in Louisiana, will be held on March 20th., 2010

from 10 am to 4 p.m.

The "Evangeline Oak Park" is the setting for a day of old fashion

Cajun fun. Enjoy an old fashioned spring day of Cajun culture and

traditions with music, cuisine, history, lectures, theatre, films,

demonstrations, storytelling, wooden boat parade/exhibit, antique

cars, and much more.

This day is an opportunity for Acadian families to join together for

reunions and connections. Featured are educational and traditional

opportunities for our younger generation. Bring your children,

grandchildren and elderly family members to reconnect with all Cajun

families.   Acadian costumes are encouraged.

The highlight of the day is the Reenactment of the Arrival of the

Acadians to St. Martinville. It will take place on the Bayou Teche

at 1 p.m.

All Cajun family associations should join in a huge welcome of the

Acadians arrival in St.Martinville. Let us make this the biggest day


The two families honored, who will participate in the reenactment,

will be the Breaux and Guidry families. We will need two to four

members from each family to ride in pirogues or barges for the

reenactment. We will furnish the pirogues unless you have one of

your own and want to bring it.   It is mandatory that these

participants dress as the Acadian ancestors did during their arrival

beginning in 1764. Most carried all their belongings with them so a

grass sack full of hay, old clothes etc., would have that effect.

Come dressed the part and encourage all your family members and

friends to dress accordingly also.

The festival is free but Cajun food and drinks are sold to pay

expenses. We cook on site: cracklin, boudin, jambalaya, fried fish,

cush cush, cajuns sweets, etc. We also sell drinks: water,

coke, beer, wine. etc.   Also, anyone interested in selling their

Cajun products can rent a booth.

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