July 07, 2007


from Stanley LeBlanc
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date Jul 7, 2007 2:45 PM

Periodically, I've seen references to the Census of September 2, 1771, but couldn't find any lists.

The mystery has been solved. Governor O'Reilly ordered a census on September 14, 1769, but it wasn't completed until 1771 [this would explain some differences in ages between the 1766 and 1769 census]

The registers were compiled into a report dated September 2, 1771. This is a very interesting report because it shows that the Acadians represented a significant percentage of the total population.

The census is in the Annual Report of the American Historical Association
1945 in four volumes,
Volume II, Spain in the Mississippi Valley, 1765-1794,
Part I, The Revolutionary Period, 1765 - 1781, edited by Lawrence Kinnaird, p. 196.
I've created a pdf file that is linked from my Arrival of the Acadians page at the url below. The direct url is also provided.

Stanley LeBlanc



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