June 12, 2007


There should be no connection between LaBarre and LaBauve, unless you expect something through wedding.

LaBauve in fact comes from the French name de la Bauve which, as far as I have been informed, was probably a Feudal land named Bauve. The land lord was the Seigneur de la Bauve. When came the revolution, the de la Bauve would have left France and some dropped the "de" from their name and the la Bauve changed into LaBauve to escape the revolution attacks to the "Nobles"

In 1510, one of the de la Bauve was granted by the King for services to the crown, the land of Arifat and thus Nicolas de La bauve became Earl of Arifat. I am descendant of this branch whose elder son went to Mauritius and remained during the revolution.There are now a good lot of de LaBauve or de Labauve d'Arifat living in Mauritius.

On the other hand LaBarre which in France is also Labarre is a more common name as Labaume, Leroy, Dupont, Duval, Deschiens etc...

I am staying some days in Mauritius to prepare our move from Brazil.

All the best from Jean de Labauve d'Arifat


Verna Baker said...

Regarding the post of Jean LaBauve, how do we tie in to his tree.Does he have an ancestor tree he could share with us.
I'm wondering about Louis Noel LaBauve as to why and how he came to Acadie at age one yr.Who brought him there?His godmother?Were they running from revolution?
Who were his parents?
Wonder if Jean LaBauve could tell us how to find info in France on the LaBauve?Wow he opened a lot of ?? in my mind.Have a bleesed day,Lynn. Your cousin from Tx. Verna

Lynn said...

Good questions, Verna; I'll ask him and get back to you. I think you're the first person to make a comment on this blog; thanks!
Cousin Lynn
p.s. Are you going to the Godfrey/LaBauve reunion?

Verna Baker said...

Hi Lynn, no I'm not going to be able to go to Godfrey reunion.
Lynn, do you have a Gustave Arivlien Breaux in your archives?
Later , Verna

Lynn said...

Yes, I think Gustave A. Breaux is my grandmother's brother. Will check and get back to you.

Lynn said...

Whoops...sorry, Verna. My grandmother's brother's name is Gustave Ambrose.

"She was the oldest of five children: Emma, Charles, Philemon Adele, Gustave Ambrose, and John Frederic."

You might try the Breaux, Brault website:
Robert Brault and Clarence Breaux have done quite a bit of research and written a book on that surname.

You might check with Clarence Breaux, who has done much research on Breaux Surname ctbreaux@worldnet.att.net

Craig said...

"Lynn" said that her grandmother "was the oldest of five children: Emma, Charles, Philemon Adele, Gustave Ambrose, and John Frederic." I am interested in this because it matches one of my ancestor lines. I believe Philemon Adele is my great grandmother.

I was wondering how much other information you have on this family, because I am kind of stuck on it. I understand that the parents of these folks were Emile Breaux and Josephine Sigur. But I also understand that Emile had some other children by a previous marriage. But I cannot identify who his previous wife was. Nor can I identify Emile Breaux's parents. Can you help?

You can email me at cromaine@nc.rr.com.


Tanya said...

I'm a LaBauve from Louis Noel aswell ((: my brother and I were born in Lake Charles, LA. Grandfather is Felix LaBauve.

Bonnie Pischoff Willacker said...

My Grandmother was Olymphe Labauve
from Theodore S. Labauve, Ashton La.
I also trace back to Louis Noel Labauve. In going over some of my deceased fathers things I came across a sheet of paper that held what I thought were doodles. It is from his early days 1920's. It shows a crest of Labauve and he wrote down the word Labauve d' Arefat. I just now looked it up on the internet and came across this page. I too am stumped with going further back than Noel Labauve in Acadia. Bonnie Willacker bwillacker@aol.com